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White House behind effort to take dietary freedoms away

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The Dietary Supplement Label The FDA Doesn't Want You To Read


For a guidance document that essentially annihilates the dietary supplement industry, it is puzzling why the reaction is so guarded and hesitant. Just exactly what should retailers or others in the industry say to FDA? Most retailers don’t know how to respond. The good part of the article is that concede that most products on store shelves today would be eliminated.
A major pushback against this guidance document needs to take place. Applying pressure on manufacturers to comply with this tyranny is totally out of question.

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Now is the time to push-back against the FDA’s continuing tyranny against dietary supplements!

Pushback against the FDA’s ongoing efforts to destroy a valued American enterprise that is helping keep Americans healthy.  Do this before the dietary supplements you take disappear from retail store shelves.

Alliance for Dietary Supplement FreedomThe FDA is orchestrating a scheme that would result in (a) removal of most dietary supplements from the marketplace due to onerous testing requirements, including children’s vitamins and pre-natel vitamins; (b) make remaining dietary supplement unaffordable (3-4 times price increase); (c) block import of all dietary supplement ingredients that don’t meet these requirements, thus squelching any effort to create a black market in these products; and (d) watering down existing nutrient requirements for multi-vitamins, thus ensuring a level of disease to treat in the American population.  Don’t let them do this!

Americans successfully pushed back against the FDA’s effort to make dietary supplements into prescription drugs in 1994 with the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act and they are going to have to pushback a second time if they want to maintain direct access to affordable dietary supplements.

Newly proposed FDA guidelines will force dietary supplement manufacturers to incur $50 billion of costs to prove their products are safe in test tubes and in animals when they have already been proven to be safer than aspirin tablets, tab water, table salt and even food.  Such an onerous requirement would not likely make dietary supplements any safer than they already are and would force more of these products off of the market because it would take all the industry’s profits for 20 years to meet these testing requirements.

It’s obvious, such a requirement would force many dietary supplements out of production and the few that would survive and pass testing would have to more than triple their retail price to pay for these tests.

No donations are needed.  All you need do is help us flood Congress with letters and demands that the FDA’s tyranny against dietary supplements be stopped.  More so, we demand that the FDA be removed entirely from oversight of the dietary supplement industry for reasons of conflict of interest as its primary interest is in protecting the pharmaceutical model where every disease is a drug deficiency, not a nutrient deficiency.

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